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Debit/ATM Card

The PRS Debit/ATM Card from Mastercard®

Gain access to your PRS Checking Account with a PRS Debit/ATM Card. Free with any PRS personal or business checking account, a PRS Debit/ATM Card allows you to make safe and secure payments online and in person by directly pulling money from your checking account with use of your PIN. There is no bill later and you pay no interest on your purchases! You can also use your Debit Card at an ATM to take cash out of your checking account. Your card is accepted at any merchant that accepts Mastercard®.

Call us at 215-634-7000 to sign up for your PRS Debit/ATM Card today!

Photo of Woman Making a Purchase with a debit card

Features of your PRS Debit/ATM Card

Security Measures

Our fraud detection programs keep your account safe by monitoring any card transactions outside of your normal purchasing patterns, such as unusual times or in new geographical locations. You will be contacted if any suspicious activity occurs, so it is important that you keep us up to date with your current contact information, as well as any traveling plans you have.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Call Port Richmond Savings during working hours at 215-634-7000 or call 1-800-383-8000 after hours as soon as you realize your card is missing. We will cancel it immediately and order you a replacement card.