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Remote Deposit

What is Remote Deposit?

Remote Deposit Service (RDS) is a system that sets up businesses to process their check deposits electronically and transmit them to their Port Richmond Savings account, all without leaving your place of business. No trip to the bank needed. With Remote Deposit, you can perform the following procedures:

How Does Remote Deposit Work?

1. Scan

Using a check scanner provided by Port Richmond Savings, the front and back of your checks are captured, including the MICR information and dollar amounts, and an image is created. This image now becomes a legal equivalent of the paper check.

2. Balance

CAR/LAR (Courtesy and Legal Amount Recognition) is an add-on module that allows Merchant Capture to capture check amounts during the scanning process. CAR/LAR software at Port Richmond Savings checks the image for usability and reads both printed and handwritten information on the check. You will be prompted to enter an Estimated Total Amount and when that amount matches the Actual Total Amount the software has scanned, your electronic deposit ticket will be created.

3. Transmit

After all of the check images have been accepted for usability your deposit is transmitted to us and our staff will process the transaction for the same business day if they are transmitted by the required cutoff time. Deposits made on the weekends or on holidays will be credited the next business day.

Requirements for your Work Station

How do I get started?

Please call 215-634-7000 or stop in and speak to our Business Banking Representatives.