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Financial Education

Why We Need Small Businesses

A collage of proud small business owners, including Stocks Bakery, a carpenter, Swiacki's Meats, and a barista.

Local Businesses Create Local Jobs

According to the SBA, small businesses have accounted for 62% of new job creation since 1995.

Local Businesses Pay Local Taxes

These local taxes then get put back into the community to fund things such as roads, local schools, and your neighborhood's green spaces.

Local Businesses Support the Community

Local businesses are oftentimes the ones supporting your neighborhood sports teams and community events. They also tend to use other local businesses for their own supplies and needs. According to the 3/50 Project, from every $100 spent at a local independent store, $68 returns to the community.

Local Businesses Create Community Identity

Local businesses can give the community its own sense of identity by offering services or merchandise unique to that area. This not only draws people to the community but also give a sense of pride to the people who live there.

So thank your small businesses for all that they add to your neighborhood! Shop locally!

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